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    The Good Time Girls Get Famous



    Get ready for the latest rip-roaring “Good Time Girls” adventure with Ruby Calhoun and Pip Quinn, two accidental outlaws now on the run for too many crimes to count.


    As the silent film industry booms and Westerns steal the spotlight, a movie producer sees potential gold in Ruby and Pip's outlaw story. With their misdeeds now legendary, the duo is offered a chance to play themselves on the big screen. It's an opportunity for fame, fortune, and a safe getaway to Mexico once the film wraps.


    However, the world of filmmaking proves to be a turbulent ride, even for these seasoned outlaws. The law is hot on their heels, pursuing them from Kansas across the plains to the Rockies, determined to bring them to justice.


    The newspapers tell half-truths and tall tales of their exploits. To make matters worse, a feared foe from their past has resurfaced, putting the film troupe and Ruby's sister in grave danger.


    Can the women outsmart the law, rescue Ruby's sister, and secure their freedom? With a little help from their friends, they just might pull it off. "The Good Time Girls Get Famous" is a heartwarming and uproarious novel that celebrates fierce female friendships and the audacious spirit of two unforgettable women in a world that's anything but ordinary.


    Available in ebook and paperback.


  • Praise for The Good Time Girls


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    "Magnificently written, Good Time Girls is a tough, gritty and often humorous wild ride of danger, death, narrow escapes and yes, love. K.T. Blakemore owns the time period as if she had lived through it, and the characters as if she knew them personally. Open up the book, but hang onto your hat."


    - James Robert Daniels, bestselling author of The Comanche Kid

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    It’s so refreshing to see an historical western with female main characters. The Good Time Girls is a delightful, fast-paced romp with two feisty heroines who are sure to steal your heart! Filled with witty banter, humor, and heart, this first in a planned series is one you won’t want to miss, especially if you enjoyed stories like True Grit or Thelma and Louise.


    - Paulette Kennedy, bestselling author of The Witch of Tin Mountain

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    The Good Time Girls is an expertly crafted tale of two women whose endearing friendship aids them in conquering their fears and the men who’d made them. Told in humorous, and sometimes touching, McMurtry-esque prose, this book will keep you entertained—and glued to your chair—far into the night. If you like bold women and stories of the West, you will love this literary adventure!


    - Kari Bovée, award-winning author of the Annie Oakley Mystery Series and the Grace Michelle Mysteries.

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    Readers will be transported back to the American Wild West at the turn of the 20th century and swept up in the adventures of Ruby and Pip, two sassy and strong-willed former dance hall girls. A captivating story with a distinct voice and immersive historical detail, as well as humor, heart and hijinks!


    - Jane Healey, bestselling author of The Beantown Girls and Goodnight from Paris

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