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    Dancehall girls, outlaws, no-good Damn Bastards, cattle rustlers, and a changing west.

    Read the Wild-Willed Women series.


    On Sale April 4, 2023

    A novel of wild women, the bonds of friendship, a harrowing road trip, and help found in the least likely places.


    In 1905 Kansas, ex-dancehall girl and outlaw Ruby Calhoun has settled into a (mostly) quiet and (mostly) lawful life. But out of the blue her past comes hustling into town when her ex-friend and ex-dancehall partner, Pip, shows up with a grim message and dangerous mission: Cullen Wilder, an old enemy with a long memory, wants them dead and the only way to survive is to kill him first.


    With Cullen’s henchman hot on their heels, Ruby and Pip hightail into the hinterlands of Kansas to save another friend from Cullen’s vengeance. Unprepared for the journey, their trip is filled with mishaps and mayhem, blunders and bounders, con artists and the circling noose of the law.


    Through it all, Ruby is tormented by the memories of her life years ago in Arizona Territory, when the upstairs girls at the Paradise Saloon and Dancehall kept her safe, and the dreadful day when it all went wrong.


    Will Ruby have the guts to face her turbulent past, or will she cut and run like a coward one more time?



    On Sale Spring 2023

    A Good Time Girls Short


    Ruby Calhoun shares the hard facts about desert survival, particularly when confronted with Jumping Cholla and Red-spine Fishhooks. An essential guide for surviving dastardly things.


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    Coming Winter 2023

    A Wild-Willed Women of the West Novel


    Two sisters turn to cattle rustling to avenge their father's death and the theft of their herd, and find themselves knee-deep in danger. 


    Grace and Purdy Clegg - and their dog Gimp - struggle through ravines, canyons, fast-flowing rivers, and the brutal wide-open plains both chasing vengeance and finding their way in a man's world. 


    But will it be an outside enemy or one of their own family that betrays them?

  • Early Praise for The Good Time Girls


    "Magnificently written, Good Time Girls is a tough, gritty and often humorous wild ride of danger, death, narrow escapes and yes, love. K.T. Blakemore owns the time period as if she had lived through it, and the characters as if she knew them personally. Open up the book, but hang onto your hat."
    - James Robert Daniels, bestselling author of The Comanche Kid
  • K.T's Bio

    K.T. Blakemore grew up in the west and never left. Her novel THE GOOD TIME GIRLS is the first in the Wild-Willed Women of the West Series, featuring women who take no prisoners and succeed through sheer grit, determination, and a parcel of luck.


    She also writes award-winning historical suspense and young adult historical fiction under the pen name Kim Taylor Blakemore. Awards have included a Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award, Tucson Festival of Books Literary Award, and a WILLA Award for Best Young Adult Fiction.


    Memberships include Historical Novel Society, Women's Fiction Writers Association, and Women Writing the West.


    She has hung her hat in California, Colorado, and currently the Pacific Northwest. The rain does not deter her research whether it be train timetables from 1905 or the best way to catch a loose horse.

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    K.T. also runs the Novelitics ranch, providing developmental editing & workshops, and teaches editing and craft workshops around the US and Canada.

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